Tuesday Tip – Harness Parts and Pieces

People often order harness parts to supplement harnesses they have at home. There is very little more frustrating than ordering new parts and then not being able to use them when they arrive!

What are some things you need to consider when ordering harness parts?

We need to know how wide the straps are on your existing harness so we can be sure to match up the parts and pieces. Our harnesses are sized based on strap WIDTH as much as they are on how long each part is. The harnesses are priced based on the strap width as well. So if you need want a smaller, finer strap, then you would choose the mini horse/small pony size. Those straps are 5/8″ wide. As long as we know what width your straps are we can match our buckles to that width.

These are driving lines and they are 3/4″ wide.

Let’s say you have a large pony but it’s very refined so you want the finer straps. Then we need to know which strap width you want and how long you need the pieces to be. If you choose the mini horse/small pony size that will get you the 5/8″ width straps. We will custom make you parts and pieces in the lengths you need for no extra charge. We just need you to communicate with us exactly what you need.

This is a larger pony but very refined so she has 5/8″ wide straps on her harness. Photo from Becky Lirakis. Thank you Becky!

The same goes for if you have a very stocky pony and need a wider strap. No one wants their pony to look like their harness is giving them a snuggy!

This is a small pony with the wider straps. Because he is a bigger bodied pony the wider 3/4″ straps look perfect on him! Photo from Susan Mercer. Thank you Susan!


If I ask you how long a piece is, then I need to know if you measured end-to-end, including the buckle or if you didn’t include the buckle. Everyone measures differently so I try to ask the questions that will help our harness makers the most. Once in awhile my questions really offend people. I’m not sure why that happens but I try to minimize it by explaining that I am dealing with lots of people who see things in a different way and I am just trying to narrow that gap a bit.

Measuring a nose band on a halter. I’m measuring from end-to-end but NOT including the rings in this photo.

We want our customers to be happy, driving happy, healthy horses for many many miles. A well fitting harness is key to this and we try our best to ensure you have everything you need in the correct size. I thank you for doing your part to ensure this as well!

Please note: Our harness makers do their very best to make everything to the measurements I send them. Sometimes things will be a little big longer than I asked for. We are all doing our best – and often we miss the mark. But if you let us know, we will keep trying and are happy to exchange parts and pieces that are not the correct length based on what you measured and ordered.

I really need everyone to be willing to measure before ordering. It’s a very easy step that will help us eliminate the need to play musical parts, shipping things back and forth.

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    Thank you for this great information. I love reading and sharing your posts. I learn from you so very often and so appreciate your knowledge. Thank you

    Elisa Cole
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