Tuesday Tip – Make Your Own Decisions

The horse world is full of opinions. It’s also full of “facts”. It can be so hard to filter through all of the opinions and facts out there. Especially for people new to driving! I have found that listening to what others think about things and then trying them myself, is the only way for me to know what I like or what works for me and my ponies.

It’s funny because a few of the different harness parts that were getting the worst reviews from those around me turned out to be my favorite pieces of harness.

So this Tuesday Tip is simple; take the time to make your own decisions about things. What works for my pony may not work for your horse. What you love I may not like at all. That does not make your opinion or mine wrong, it just means we are as different as our horses and ponies are!

All My Best,

Mindy PonyPrincess~

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