Where to Sit in your Vehicle

Over on HorseDriver (on Facebook) we had an excellent question from Lynda Harris:
Question: Why do some drivers not sit in the middle of the seat but to the side? I see photos like this on a regular basis.
One of the answers was:
Drivers traditionally sit on the right side like car/horse drivers in England. If you are not showing it doesn’t matter one iota where you sit. If you compete, you must be in the correct position.  Dianna Thurston
Another answer was:
With our team and covered wagon the driver sat on the right because that’s the side the brake was on. Stevie Jacobson
And another answer:
It depends on the show. Pleasure show, the whip sits on the right. I tend to sit there in practice because I mainly do pleasure shows. But do sit more center in marathon or cones to balance better. Bretta Crump
I drive minis and small ponies, for pleasure, so I always sit in the middle of the seat when I drive an easy entry, unless I am giving cart rides. I’m curious, where do you sit on your seat? Mindy PonyPrincess~  

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