Tuesday Tip – Smooth Sailing

Winter time can be challenging if you live in a cold climate where your pony, mini, horse, donkey, mule or draft grows a thick winter coat… and NEEDS said winter coat to live successfully outside!

Several things can happen. One is when harnessing their hair can get caught in buckles, lay askew under straps, get pulled by the buckles and the rings and the straps.



Whenever I harness Zorro I run my hand under each strap of the harness to make sure the hair is laying as flat as I can get it to. I lay his mane down nice and flat and make sure there aren’t any hairs being pulled by the collar cap.





When I girth him up I stretch each of his front legs, after doing up the girth slowly, to the tightness I want it to be for driving, and run my hand under the girth making sure the hair is laying as flat as I can. It’s an extra step and takes a little more time but it’s worth it to me to make sure Zorro is as comfortable as he can be, with all that extra padding!

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