Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps

Are you tired of wrapping and wrapping and wrapping your hold back straps every time you drive? Or do you dislike the messiness of all the wraps your hold back straps require?

Then look no further than the Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps!

The Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps have a loop that goes around the shaft and then a snap that snaps to the breeching ring. You adjust the length of the straps with the buckle.

A few months ago a customer contacted me asking if we could make these nifty little things. I asked the Harness Shop and they said sure! I promptly ordered myself a set.

I love them. Gone are the days of not being quite sure how many wraps I did last time. No more wrapping and tucking and wrapping and tucking.

The Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps simply loop around the shaft and then you can adjust the length with the buckle. Easy Peasy.

So if you too are tired of wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, take a look at the Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps… they may be just what you need!

These come in mini horse to large horse sizes!

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11 thoughts on “Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps

  1. Zafar Malik-Ramzan says:

    Does anyone know where I can get accessories for a pair driving carriage pole or some times called T-Pole, or T-Shaft; the shackles are fixed at the front tip of the pole. These connect to each horse’s harness at the front.
    I have been given a T-Pole without the shackles.
    Zafar Malik-Ramzan
    UK 00447767428793

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