Tuesday Tip – Just a few Driving Safety Tips

Happy New Year!!

As I sat thinking about the new year and how I would like it to go I was drawn to safety. Of course when we drive we always want to be sure things are as safe as we can, but what are a few things we can do along those lines? Sometimes it’s things outside of our training that can make a difference.

I was reading through the American Driving Society, Inc’s driving safety tips and these stood out. Mostly because if you are at a drive that is put on by the ADS and are seen doing one of these things you will be asked to leave the grounds. So they must be important!

  1. Never remove your bridle while your horse is hitched to a carriage.
  2. Do not tie your horse to your trailer if still hitched to a carriage.
  3. Make sure your breeching is properly adjusted.
  4. When your horse is put to the vehicle, a knowledgeable driver needs to be in the vehicle with the reins in hand.
  5. Do not lead your horse from the ground while it is put to a vehicle.
  6. The driver is always the first person in the vehicle and the last one out.

Now which one of these do you do when at you’re at home and feeling comfortable and safe?


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