Tuesday Tip – Ice Balls!

If you live where there is a winter chances are you have dealt with ice balls forming on your horse or pony’s hooves. These can be very large and very hard and very uncomfortable for them to stand on.

There are a few ways you can help them with these. The first one is to be sure they are being trimmed often enough and that they don’t have excessive amounts of hoof wall. The outer hoof wall is not meant to be weight bearing and if left to get too long this can trap the ice and snow under the hoof. (Long outer hoof wall will also cause chipping and cracking.)

Another way you can help them is to spray a bit of Pam cooking spray on the bottom of their hooves. Pam is a non stick spray and will help their feet be “non stick” as well!

This Tuesday Tip is brought to you by Kim over on HorseDriver!

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