How to Bridle Using Different Halter Styles

I shared a video of me bridling Zorro the other day and this brought up different halters that people use! I know it’s not normally something we think about when we think about bridling, but there are halters (and a collar!) that can make bridling easier. I’ll go through a few types here:

The Buckle Nose Halter: This halter has a buckle on the nose. You can simply unbuckle it and it will slide back on your horse’s neck, then you can bridle!

The Grooming/Driving Collar: This is my go-to because Zorro can wear it when we are trail driving and then he has it on when I unhitch him and allow him to graze if we take a lunch break!

Halter w/Throat Snap: This halter has a snap at the throat so you can unsnap that and simply lift the halter off and slide it back on the neck, then bridle!

A Regular Halter: For this type you simply unbuckle the poll strap and then re-buckle the halter around the neck!


**Don’t forget, the colored and underlined text are all links! Click on them to go directly to the product where the colors and options are shown as well as the prices.

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