Harness Fit – From One of Our Ambassadors

Time for Updates!

Before you groan and resign yourself to spending an hour waiting to reboot, I don’t mean for your computer. I mean for your horse!

Recently, a dear friend bought a new pony. This sweet mare is very well trained, sensitive to communication, and willing. She’s everything anyone could ever ask for if you wanted to be able to drive for fun or competition. I’ve been impressed with how well she adapted to her new home and new family. Maudie even came with her own harness and carriage, the equivalent of purchasing an all in one computer that you can plug and play as soon as you get it unboxed.

However, upon working with Maudie, I noticed a few key components that could be updated to make her job easier. Most were for comfort, so there were no conflicting, unintentional signals to interfere with the cues she received. The less input a horse has to deal with, the more likely he is to “hear” you when you are working with him, much like cleaning your desktop of unneeded background programs that slow processor speeds.

The component that I concern myself with first is practically always the bridle. Much like a modem that channels the internet to your computer, your bridle makes sure your signals are clear, without extra feedback to slow the upload of information. Maudie used the same bridle for years without issue, learning to ignore the too tight blinker stays that limited her field of vision more than necessary and caused the blinker itself to press against the back of her eye orbit. The short crownpiece pulling the browband up around the base of her ears was also less than ideal. Horses, thankfully, are far kinder and more forgiving than most modern technology.

When we changed up to a bridle that fit her head, giving her less static to ignore, she was able to do her job more efficiently. Her field of vision widened, and she could move her ears freely. As with upgrading a modem, Maudie could translate signals received even more quickly and comfortably than before. If you’ve ever made the leap from dial up internet to high speed cable, I’m sure you can imagine her relief and gratification.

Now, much like with our computers, sometimes it can be hard to tell if we need updates. Luckily, we have access to Geek Squad for our technology. With our driving equipment, finding help can be nearly as simple! Just contact your friendly neighborhood Chimacum Ambassadors. We can assist in making what you and your equine friends have to work with much more user friendly for all involved. Whether your end use is recreation or competition, communication and comfort should always be the goal.

A big Thank You to Justinn Harrison for this wonderful blog and the photos!!

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