Who Are We?

When you call, email or message us who are you talking to? I sometimes get messages from people irate because they had to leave a message and why didn’t someone answer the phone!!!? When I call them back they are surprised to hear that the ONLY people that answer our phones are Janie or myself. That’s it. That’s all there is! So who are we?

Janie Amdal

After being treated rudely by their little tack shop owner over and over Janie decided she could do better! So she started Chimacum Tack. We don’t all LOOK like horse people but that doesn’t mean we are worth less than those that do look the part. Janie wanted to start something that was for those of us wanting to be treated equally to the professional horse people. So she founded Chimacum Tack! She had one goal: Bring good customer service and high-quality products to horse customers. All these years later, and her hobby has become a world-wide business that sticks to those same values. Though Chimacum Tack started out as a place people could purchase well made, quality and WELL FITTING miniature horse tack, it has grown to accommodate donkeys, mules, draft horses and all the in between equines that can be difficult to fit. Chimacum Tack has it all!

When it became apparent that Janie couldn’t keep up with the work load, as Chimacum Tack grew and grew (thanks to all of YOU!!) Maren and Janie decided they needed some help. Maren had been following my blog for a while and I’ve been shopping with Chimacum Tack since 2006, so Janie knew who I was. And bless her, when I called her 7 years after I sold my last miniature horse, needing a new harness for Sky, she REMEMBERED me!

In April 2018 they hired me to help!

Mindy Schroder aka Mindy PonyPrincess


My role here at Chimacum has evolved a bit over these last two years. I started out mainly focusing on Facebook and Instagram, while helping people that came to me with harness issues. I have my own personal blog where I share my driving journey with my two ponies, Sky and Zorro and I answer lots of questions over there and have for several years! So we just transferred that over to Chimacum. Then the orders started coming in more frequently and Janie needed more help with that aspect so it became difficult for me to get everything done in a 12-14 hour day. I knew of a young gal that I had been following in Instagram and had been messaging back and forth for a year or so. I felt she would be awesome for Chimacum so, Kirsty Bedwell came on staff as well to take the social media aspect of the load off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on helping customers directly.

This leads me back around to who is answering the phones and the emails and the messages? If you are calling the number on the website, you will get Janie, if you are emailing info@chimacumtack.com you will get Janie (though she will sometimes forward these onto me when they are technical questions)!

If you are calling the Montana phone number you will talk to me, if you are emailing marketing@chimacumtack.com you are talking to me, if you are messaging Chimacum Tack or Countryside on Facebook you are talking to me! (Most of the time when you ask a question on a post over on the Chimacum Facebook Kirsty will answer. Sometimes she reaches out to me and I pop in to answer a question. The only two people that will be answering on that page are Kirsty or myself!) When you place an order on the website, I am the one that handles that for you. So if you have questions about your order you can email me or message me on Chimacum Tack’s Facebook page and I am always happy to help!

We have a professional website designer that keeps the website running smoothly as well. He is absolutely priceless! As you can see with everything else we have to do, managing website issues is not something we would have time for.

So, though there are many people listed on our Team Member page, there are actually only a few that are working behind the scenes to get you everything you need, just as you need it. If we don’t get back to you immediately I apologize but know that you are on the list and we will get to you as soon as we can! Both Janie’s and my phone rings all day long and into the night, since many of our customers are over seas. We answer it when we can and if we can’t we will return your call. After all we still have to manage our families in between phone calls and orders 🙂

Even though we serve customers all over the globe, Chimacum Tack is a small family business.

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