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With all the social distancing and cancellation of events across the country, we thought it would be a good idea to gather together some online options here on the blog. I know it’s not the same as actually being AT an event but for those that enjoy challenges and having goals, this may be fun! What better way to spend our home time than learning and sharing what we’ve learned? **Please note: The highlighted and bolded text are all links that will take you to the pages that are providing these clinics, challenges and online shows.


Clinics & Challenges

First let’s take a look at online clinics and challenges. These are links we feel will provide a wonderful learning opportunity!

  • Coachman’s Delight – Andy Marcoux: Andy provides some wonderful online learning opportunities! He also does live online “clinics” from his office. I personally have taken many of his classes and really enjoy them each time! Lots of learning here!!
  • The Essential Horse Challenge – This is my personal Facebook challenge group. If you haven’t been added please head on over and join!
  • Anna Marcinak’s online courses. She has so many to choose from! Some are quite expensive but will take a year or more to accomplish and others are short courses. Take a moment to peruse her website and see if anything jumps out at you!
  • If you have a miniature horse and do lots of driving and ground driving then I encourage you to join Miniature Horse Talk and start tracking your driving time! You will click on the Driving Miniature Horse Forum Page and then the post you will share your driving minutes on is called Driving Me Buggy 2020 Hours. This page is for miniature horses and small ponies only!
  • The ADS has an Hours To Drive Program in which you track your driving hours over the year and can be eligible to win awards!
  • Miniature Horsemanship by Kendra Gale – I have taken a course by Kendra and really enjoyed it. She is a fun teacher and breaks the lessons down so they are very easy to understand and implement!
  • EquiSpeak – I have taken courses from Monty Gywnne as well! She teaches positive reinforcement as well and is also a wonderful teacher! She breaks the lessons down so they are very doable with your horse.
  • The Art of the Horseman! I just found this and added it to the post today, 4/2/20. This looks like an amazing idea. I am excited to dig in more!!

Online Horse Shows

These are some fun online horse shows. A few of these have been going on for several years. A few were just started this year in response to shows cancelling!

  • Online Miniature Horse Show Facebook Group – This one has been going on for a few years now. It’s a fun way to show off your miniature horses!
  • Online Horse Agility Club – This has been going on for many years! It’s a super fun way to spend time with your mini, horse, pony or donkey! You get judged and even receive feedback about how you can improve your courses.
  • Global Showing – This website is based in the UK but has participants from all over the world. I have actually participated in this one with my big horse years ago! There are video classes as well as video classes and many to choose from.
  • Online Horse Showing – This one has classes for miniature horses as well as big horses, in-hand classes and ridden classes!

YouTube Channels

There are some GREAT YouTube channels out there packed with excellent information. I often have these channels playing as I work online, hoping I’ll learn by listening!

  • Chimacum Tack – Of course we have to share our own channel. There are quite a few videos showing our harnesses, harness fitting, how to hitch to a cart, how to attach the driving diaper, how to change the cheeks on a driving bridle, how to measure for a harness or a collar and hames or a SuperFlex collar, the list goes on and on!
  • Barry Hook – If you have been driving for any length of time you have most likely heard of Barry Hook. I love listening to him talk about the horses is driving as well as how he talks to the horses themselves. I always learn something from him!
  • Warwick Schiller – I actually just started watching him this morning and already learned a new technique that I will be trying at our next group drive. Just because a channel isn’t directly about driving doesn’t mean it won’t have something valuable for you to take away.
  • The Willing Equine – I love her channel! She is a wonderful teacher of horses and people. She is a clicker trainer and has tons of valuable information to share.
  • Connection Training – This channel has tons of different types of things you can do with your equine using positive reinforcement.


Podcasts are great because you can listen to them when you are out doing chores. grooming, while you are walking, etc.

  • Miniature Horsemanship Stories – This podcast is run by Kendra Gale! She also has a wonderful blog and I shared her online clinics above as well.
  • The Willing Equine – Again I shared her YouTube channel above. But the podcasts are easier to travel with!
  • Equiosity – I absolutely LOVE this podcast and listen to it all the time! The stories are super motivating and fun to listen to.
  • The Driving Radio Show – This is a radio show all about driving horses!!!
  • Finding the Feel – I haven’t listened to this one but it looks very interesting.

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