Mindy’s Two Year Anniversary!

It’s amazing to think … but this April 1st is my TWO year anniversary! Time does fly when you’re having fun! Working for Janie and Maren has been an absolute dream come true for me. I couldn’t ask for two better ladies to work for and with. So a big Thank You to them for this job!

In keeping with tradition, for my two year anniversary 5 of my favorite things will be on sale for the month of April. I’m so excited to share these with you all! The coupon code for these items is “mindyversary” all lower case and one word. This code will save you 10% on any of the items listed below!

My Five Favorite Things

#1 The ComfyFUN Trail Harness – This harness is usually only available in September but because it’s the #1 thing on my list, it will be available this month as well! The ComfyFUN Trail harness is a wonderful combination of the MaraFUN harness and the Comfy Fit harness. I do lots of mountain driving, climbing steep hills – and as we all know what goes up must come down! So this harness sports the well padded SuperFlex collar and a well padded breeching. Because this harness is not for the show ring but for getting out and exploring the mountains, the lining choices are brown carefree or black carefree. You do have a choice between the elastic girth or the Comfy Curve girth. And you can choose the Comfy Fit Bridle if you need blinders or the English Bridle if you drive in an open bridle. You can also choose colors! This is a pretty fun, well padded and comfy harness for you mini or small pony – I’m sorry to say it’s only available in the mini and small pony sizes.

#2 The Kensington All Around Medium Weight Pony Blanket – Zorro is a little bit bigger than a mini horse standing at 41″ tall. His blanket measurement is 52″ so many of the miniature horse blankets don’t fit him. This blanket is a beautiful, quality blanket that fits him so beautifully! It’s water proof and lined with a very warm hollow fiberfill and a nylon liner that keeps his hair coat smooth and clean. And best of all it keeps him warm when the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down!

#3 Bowman’s Arch Mouth Baucher Cheek Bit – This bit is the all around cure for horses and especially ponies that need some tongue relief. I have had the best luck with this bit when starting young ponies and helping those with bitting issues as well. This bit is available with a half cheek, or a loose ring or the baucher. You can get it with a liverpool cheek or a butterfly cheek! I love the Bowman bits because they are so customizable.

#4 The New Side Pull Bitless Bridle!! Finally we can announce this little cutie. I am so excited about it. This bridle is available open or with blinders. It comes in mini horse all the way up to large horse sizes. All we need are a few measurements to ensure the proper fit!

#5 The Yacht Rope Long Lines – Sadly these are put on hold until after the COVID lock down. The company that makes them for us is in California. But we can take your order and place them after the lock down is over! These long lines are perfect for ground driving and long lining. I love how much life they have in them. They are 18′ long, perfect for the smaller equine. I do tons of long lining with Zorro and consider it a very important part of his exercise regiment.

Another thing I LOVE which will be available once our rope supplier is back up and running, are my yacht rope DRIVING lines! I had the shop make me 11′ long lines in the 3/8″ diameter, loops at the bit end for our buckle attachment and split on the other end. I also will be getting long lines for the big horses in this diameter and 22′ long! So if you are interested in any of these rope products let us know and we’ll add you to our email list for when these products are available again. Please email us at either info@chimacumtack.com or marketing@chimacumtack.com.

So because the ropes aren’t available I’ll share a #6 item that is on my list of favorite things, the Hyperbike Quick Hitch!! This came about two winters ago when I had just started driving Zorro in my Hyperbike. One day it was particularly cold out, around 12 degrees, and by the time we got home from our drive my hands were so cold that I could NOT get Zorro unhitched! My hands simply couldn’t release the traces from the single tree. I ended up bringing Zorro into my garage where we both stood until I was warm enough to get him out of the cart. I called the harness maker, when I came inside, and asked them to make me an attachment that would slip onto the single tree and just stay with the cart, that also had a quick release shackle that I could simply snap onto the ring on my combo end traces. They are brilliant and within a week or so I had these quick hitches in my mail box!! I LOVE them and couldn’t drive without them. **Please remember if you are going to use quick release shackles to put some thread locker on the screw that holds the shackles to the brahma web slot piece. This will ensure that screw won’t come loose and disconnect you from your cart!

I hope you enjoyed this tour through SIX of my favorite things. And if you decide to try one or two I would love to hear if they become your favorite things as well! If you have any questions about these or any other items on our website please send me an email at marketing@chimacumtack.com.

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