Tuesday Tip – Simple Rein Board

I came across this on Beginning Carriage Driving over on Facebook. I asked the writer if I could use it as a Tuesday tip and she said go for it! So thank you LauraLee!!


AT RISK of being redundant, I brave the scorn of one & all.

KNOW via FEEL what is happening in your lines (reins). You do not have to risk the safety of yourself or another to TRAIN your HANDS.

Bond between the beast (in front of you) & messages carried in the rein lines are your priority to interpret. NOTHING about looks, timed performance, or anything else matters.

Take 2 water or soda bottles;
Fill them 1/2 full * Leave tops off *
Sling them on a fence somewhere in an old bra & HITCH your reins into the armpit straps of old BRA

.. CLOSE YOUR EYES & back up … Keep light contact on the lines…
DISCOVER the tension – How much pull before YOU cause water to SPILL.

❤️ SOFT hands / SOFT voice ❤️ iron fist in velvet glove


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