Tuesday Tip – Adjusting the Winker Stay Wire

Sometimes it may seem your bridle isn’t fitting correctly. This can be because your brow band is too short – or too long! – OR because the wires in the winker stays need to be adjusted.

One of the nice things about our driving bridles, with blinders, is that the winkers have a wire in them. This wire makes it so the blinders don’t lay against the horse’s eye lashes but also makes it so you can adjust them to the perfect position.

Here is a before photo. We were discussing whether she needs a longer brow band. The brow band was making it so she couldn’t adjust the wires:

Then she put the brow band behind the winker stays and bent the wire to pull the blinders away from her pony’s eyes:

Walla! Now she is going to get a longer brow band so it can go over the winkers without interfering. This is a young large pony who has had a growth spurt! It may be that she will need a bigger bridle next year, but for now this one is working just fine.

So if you’re wondering what you can do to improve your bridle fit – try adjusting the winker stay wire! Then maybe get a different length brow band šŸ˜‰

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