How to Measure for a Harness Video!

We understand how nerve wracking it can be to measure your horse, pony, donkey, mule or draft for a new harness. Sometimes I think it’s so overwhelming that some of our customers just give up and don’t send us measurements at all. I have been listening to you, and with the help of my Hubby (who doesn’t know anything about driving or horses) I made a new how-to video! He had such great questions, things I don’t think about because I’ve been doing this for so long, and I think those questions helped me narrow in on the trickier parts of harness measuring. Our new policy will be NO harness will be ordered without the proper measurements, and every harness order will be followed up by me, Mindy PonyPrincess (Mindy Schroder) either by email or by phone. I want to be sure we are getting accurate measurements which will lead to our customers being able to use their harness right out of the box.
**Disclaimer!! When I say you’ll be able to use the harness straight out of the box this does NOT mean you won’t have to make certain adjustments to your harness to get the fit just right. If you have a young horse it is less likely that your harness will fit exactly on the all the middle holes. In fact, it’s unlikely that every strap on your harness will fit on the middle hole, no matter the age of your horse or how well you measured. If we could dial in fit, horse fitness (or lack there of) and all the intricacies that make up a horse’s conformation to where all the straps fit on the middle hole we would be magicians! Though we do our absolute best, there may be some straps that are a touch too long or a touch too short. If a strap is so short that you are on the largest hole and it’s not fitting quite right, then we are happy to send you a larger strap. Same goes for some straps that may be too long.
If you are having a hard time fitting your harness I am more than happy to visit with you on the phone about it. It’s very helpful if you text me photos of the harness on your horse, pony, donkey or draft and then we can look at the photos and discuss options. Please send me pictures that show the ENTIRE animal and harness are far more helpful than close ups of what you think isn’t fitting correctly. I need to see the whole picture to help. Typically it’s best if you can put the entire harness on and then snap photos for me. Hitched to your vehicle (if you have a helper to snap a few photos) is even more helpful! I am also willing to video conference with you to help with harness fit and to make adjustments.

Below is a link to the video: How to Measure for a Horse Harness

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about measuring. I am always happy to help. You can email me at marketing@chimacumtack.com or call me at 406-548-7900.   Links in this email are shown in brown. All links in this post are shown below:
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