How well do the vinyl colors match the strap colors?

I get this question all the time… and the answer is, it varies. Each strap color matches it’s cousin vinyl, differently. I call them cousins and not sisters because sometimes they can be very different!

Once in a while we will have a customer very disappointed by the mismatch that is the strap and vinyl. So to avoid that, to the best of our ability, I have taken a few photos of strap and vinyl side-by-side. I don’t have ALL the colors here but I do have quite a few!

We don’t currently have a vinyl that matches the Hurricane Blue, so the harness shop will sometimes pair that strap color with the Teal vinyl.

Teal strap and teal vinyl. The strap has a touch more of a green tint to it than the vinyl does. But the Hurricane Blue strap is a light but bright BLUE. So these do not match at all.
Hurricane Blue Halter

Next up is the Royal Blue. To be honest I think these two match the best of all the colors, aside from Red.

A pretty close match! Of course our eyes and computer monitors see colors differently. So when you have these in your hands they may look different.

I have had customers that sometimes think the Royal Blue strap is more purple than blue. When put beside the purple strap you can see it’s definitely blue:

Purple strap beside the Royal Blue strap.

The purple vinyl and strap don’t match very well at all.

Purple strap and purple vinyl

The fact that they don’t perfectly match isn’t too big of a deal when you have a purple nose band and brow band and purple pads, or purple lines and purple pads, because they aren’t right beside each other:

Next up is the Raspberry/Burgundy strap and vinyl:

The raspberry strap is a bit more pink than the vinyl is.

The Red is a pretty close match in my opinion!

The strap appears to be a little bit of a dull red. I don’t know another word to describe it!

The Orange strap and vinyl:

The orange vinyl is a bright orange than the strap.

The Yellow strap and vinyl don’t match at all.

The Yellow strap is more of a neon yellow while the vinyl is a bright sunshine yellow.

And the Green strap and vinyl don’t match either:

Again the strap is more neon and the vinyl is really more lime green. I LOVE the vinyl green myself!

The pink it fairly close:

The Pink strap is a bit more shocking neon than the vinyl but they look pretty good beside each other. Probably because different shades of pink often do go together well!

And last we have the brown! I don’t have any of the new brown strap here right now, but it has more of a red tint to it. We don’t have a vinyl that matches that pretty brown at all, BUT the carefree material does match it! I have had the shop make a back pad for a harness using the carefree material for the entire pad and that looks very sharp with the new brown soft strap.

The lighter brown really has more of a green tint to it than the vinyl. So it matches less than is shown in this photo. If you want to do brown and tan then I would go for the darker brown with the light brown pads. Or the new brown soft strap and the carefree material as I shared above!

Hopefully this will help prepare you for the fact that it’s not likely that the strap and vinyl on your new harness will match perfectly. It’s possible that it will be a close match… or as shown above not very close at all! In a few cases when viewed from the seat of the cart or from the center of the ring or through the lens of the camera, the difference is not very noticeable:

Royal Blue Halter, Royal Blue straps and Royal Blue Back pad and trim on the breeching!

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