How to Measure Your Horse for a Bit

If you want to order a harness, please send us measurements.

If you want to order a bridle, please send us measurements.

If you want to order a halter, please measure your donkey, mini, pony or horse and then choose a size according to your measurements.

And if you want to order a bit, please measure your equine’s mouth so we can send you the correct size bit. And to help with that? We have a Bit Sizer!

This handy little device easily slides into your horse’s mouth and is well marked with the different sizes. It goes from 3″ up to 8 1/4″! So should handle every size equine from mini to draft.

Arie measured 5 3/4″.

Simply side this into your horse’s mouth, keeping it in the bit seat. It’s best to not allow them to chomp it (but it is heavy duty plastic and held up to Zorro rolling it back and giving a chomp… oops!)

Zorro’s mouth measured exactly 4″!

So if you have always wondered what size your horse’s mouth is take a look at our bit sizer and measure it!


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