Tuesday Tip – Sock Gaiters for Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes

I often do some long trail drives and have found when we are out all day and my ponies are booted, sometimes the boots will rub at the hair line a little bit. To help with this I have started using toddler socks as gaiters inside my jogging shoes!

What kind of sock do I use?

I buy this kind and size of sock for my two ponies. They both wear size 8 boots:

12-24 month size socks. I like the low cut socks, because I don’t need to have a lot of sock sticking up out of the boot.

How do I use the socks?

I cut the toe out of the sock:

Then I clean my pony’s hoof with a hoof pick and then a wire brush.

Then I slide the sock onto the hoof:

Then I slide the hoof into the boot!

This boot has well over 400 miles on it (and it’s mate!) and they are still going strong. The velcro is working just as it did when they were brand new! These are the Equine Fusion Active model.

The socks will last a few drives, unless we run into lots of cheat grass or grass with lots of seeds. If you do run into this please check the socks for sharp grass seeds that can be stabbing into the pony’s pasterns. If we have to cross water the socks will work well and you can pop them into the washing machine and re-use!

Sometimes, if we are doing a difficult drive with lots of steep inclines and declines then I’ll use a heavier sock. The heavier socks don’t tend to rip or wear as fast, but they do take up more room in the boots.

I personally only use the sock gaiters on the fronts as they are the hooves that appear to have some rub marks. If you are seeing rubs on the hinds as well then feel free to use the socks on the hinds!

This works for the big horse boots as well, though you would need to purchase adult socks for a big horse. And this works in other kinds of hoof boots! I’ve used socks in the Cavallo boots and the Easy Care boots.


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