Equine Fusion Trekking Boots – Brand NEW Product!

Equine Fusion came out with two new boot options this month! One is called the Equine Fusion Recovery Shoe and the other is the Equine Fusion Trekking Shoe.

With the last boot order, I ordered 4 boots to try on Zorro, so I could give a review of them. I tried them on him today and have some things to share!

First off, they seem to be sleeker and less bulky than the Active model. And in my opinion the Active model was less bulky than the All Terrain model! So these do seem like a step up:

Trekking Shoe on the left – Active Shoe on the right
Trekking Shoe on the left – Active Shoe on the right

The Trekking shoe is NOT easier to put on than the Active model. It is a bit more snug (probably why it seems less bulky!) and so is a trick to get on the foot. The pull tab is threaded through a ring and that ring wanted to point downward, which made it harder and trickier to get the shoe on. So it took some finagling and hand strength.

All the velcro does not make it easier either. So they take a little longer to put on!

But, I do like how they look – once on!

I weighed both shoes as well. The Trekking is almost one ounce lighter than the Active shoe.

Here is a bit more information about the fabric used on the Trekking:

The upper part of the boot is made out of SuperFabric®. SuperFabric® materials integrate commercially available materials with custom-proprietary armor technology to create award-winning Extreme Textiles. These durable, flexible and lightweight fabrics have been developed to be utilized in industrial, commercial, recreational and military applications around the globe. SuperFabric® material protects better, lasts longer and looks good doing it.

One thing I am interested in is the fact that this fabric is supposed to dry quicker.

The small gaps between armor plates allow air to pass in, around and through the material resulting in a highly breathable, quick drying material! Perfect for trail driving, crossing water and dealing with wet conditions.

I’m really looking forward to putting these boots to the test! Hopefully our smoke will clear in the next few days so Zorro and I can hit the trails and put these to the test!

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