Tuesday Tip – How to put your harness in your harness bag

I get this question all the time. How do I put my harness in my Harness Bag correctly?

To be honest I’m not sure if there is a “correct” way to put a harness in a harness bag, but I have a way I do it in which everything lays nice and flat and doesn’t get kinked or twisted.

*Keep in mind I have a ComfyFun Trail Harness which has a SuperFlex collar.


I snap the saddle with the breeching into the second clip. I make sure the breeching is laying in such a way that no straps are twisted or kinked.


I put the bridle on the top clip. This way my blinders (if I had them!) would lay nice and flat. In my case this protects my blingy brow band.


I slide my SuperFlex collar down into the bag, with the traces looped up and through the collar. This allows my collar to lay nice and flat inside the bag.

And that’s it! Simple and easy.

If you have seen my How to Harness video (bold words are a link to the video) then you’ll know I put the breast collar on first, so having the collar slid into the harness bag works perfectly as it’s the first thing I take out.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – How to put your harness in your harness bag

  1. Lisa Brostad says:

    I use to hang my harness this way and then a trainer showed me her way. Saddle on the top loop followed by the bridle because the saddle creates a frame around the bridal protecting the blinkers and brow band from getting bent. Third is the breast collar and last the lines.

    • Kim Utke says:

      When I got my Comfey Pony Harness and Harness bag, I didn’t have any instructions. I hang saddle on the top loop, bridle under as it is then protected. Breast collar goes on the bottom upside down, with traces going up criss-crossing in top loop with the saddle. Reins looped up in a sweatshirt sleeve at bottom with the breast collar.

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