Chimacum Tack YouTube Channel!

About 2 years ago we started a YouTube channel where we share videos showcasing our tack as well as some “how-to” videos.

Need to know how to attach a horse diaper to your harness and cart? We have it!

Wondering how to wrap the wrap strap style girth? Here you go!

Maybe you are new to this whole thing and don’t know how to harness a horse. There’s a video for that as well:

Curious about what our harness materials actually look like? There’s a video for that!

Do you have a question about something we have on our website? Wondering how to attach something to your harness? Have a question about how something should fit and look on your horse? If so, please send me your questions at marketing@chimacumtack.com and I’ll be more than happy to make a video addressing your question!

In the meantime, head on over to our channel and see if you find something useful there:

Chimacum Tack YouTube Channel

**A piece of advice about navigating YouTube – When you get to the channel you want to view, click on the tab that says Videos, to see ALL the videos that channel has to offer. Otherwise, YouTube has them organized on the home page, but you won’t be able to view all the videos available.

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