Using HandsOn Grooming Gloves to Knock the Mud Off Your Horses Legs

My HandsOn Grooming Gloves are really just one of the most versatile grooming products in my grooming bag. I’ve talked in the past about how I use them for bathing my horses and to fluff up their coats when they get a little wet, but another way I use them to to knock the mud off of their legs quickly!

It seems like our mud season keeps getting longer and longer here. We live in a very wet area, and as soon as the temps peak above freezing, the horses pastures turn into mud pits. So they often come in with very muddy legs.

Several times a week I find myself strapping on my HandsOn Grooming Gloves to quickly wipe that mud off of their legs.


hanson glovesThey have these little scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms that are really great for both brushing mud right off, and lifting dirt from underneath the hair. They help to massage and improve circulation while distributing natural oils which promotes healthy skin! Plus, the dirt and hair wipes right off without sticking to the gloves.

These gloves are my favorite tool for this, because the horses stand so still! In the past when I have tried it with other curry combs, they do not always appreciate the feeling of a regular curry comb on the bony portions of their legs, and a hard brush just doesn’t seem to lift up as much dirty, especially when it’s really caked on.

I can generously scrub ALL over my horse legs with these, and they remain perfectly still.

Just look at how clean Arie’s legs look after just a few minutes!
Before and after jasper handson gloves
They work on longer hair just as well too!


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