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Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So we have decided to start helping out our fellow small business owners, and share some of your ingenious products and designs with all of our HorseDrivers!

A couple of years ago when I was just getting Jasper hitched to his cart, I got to thinking I could really use some sort of bag to attach to my cart for when we go out on the trails. I don’t always have a pocket handy for things like my phone, snacks (people and horse snacks of course), or other essentials, especially in the summer months. So I hopped online and started searching around.

That is when I came across Jaime Reid Ruff and The Production Room! Jaime hand makes the Trekk-ETT Buggy Bags that easily attach to the dash of your cart. They have two water bottle holders, a large zipper pouch, and another open pouch – tons of rooms for all of my belongings that I want to bring out on a drive! I even use one of the water bottle holders as a whip holder and it works perfectly!

Jaime’s love for sewing and life long journey as an equestrian has charged a passion much like ours – to create beautiful, durable, and affordable products for horse owners! She has a gift for taking her and her customers visions from paper to production.

One of her biggest supporters and fellow visionaries has been her daughter, Lilly. Her entire business started in her master bedroom making half chaps for Lily! The first product Jaime launched was not a Trekk-ETT, but rather the WA-POM, meaning water on the pommel, saddle bag. One day during a trail ride on their favorite local trail, Jaime and Lilly felt they needed something that could carry water over long distance away from camp, safely. So Jaime got to brainstorming and the WA-POM was born. This saddle bag will fit any saddle, much like the Trekk-ETT’s! While most endurance riders like and need something that doesn’t pack so much punch, Jaime does have clients, because of health reasons, that need the WA-POM verses the traditional saddle bags that just holds bottles.

This mother daughter riding duo used the WA-POM for several years. The more they rode, the more it become clear that there was a need for another type of saddle bag. One afternoon, Lily asked Jaime to make her a slimmer saddle bag, one that could still hold two bottles with room for snacks, without the bulk of the current model. Jaime sat down with a regular soft drink bottle, paper, pencil, ruler, tape and scissors and set out to make just a pommel design. After two prototypes, Lily knew her mom was onto something! She urged her mom to add them to The Production Room collection, and after the agreed opinions from some endurance riding friends – her business grew!

After about 6 months clients started asking for a cantle style. The demand for a set was overwhelming! So once again, Jaime sat down with supplies and worked out a cantle bag. From the cantle bag came the simple boot bag, and the designs styles kept growing! Jaime also shares a similar outlook with us on crafting FOR her customers. She has made many custom orders over the years, tweeking her designs to fit what each client needs, which often result in new products as well.

The Trekk-ETT Buggy Bag was born from a custom job for a client! One of Jaime’s customers contacted her and asked a new question: “Can you make me a small bag for the dash area of my cart?” Being a trail and endurance rider, Jaime was clueless as to what the dash of a cart was! Luckily, she was ready for the challenge to design yet another bag for a client. She made the client her bag and she has since ordered a few more! She posted a picture of the very first Trekk-ETT buggy bag and her friends LOVED them! The design hasn’t changed any, it was perfect from day one!

They come with four rings attached, one on each corner, where you can easily attach a clip. You can either clip straight to your wire dash, or if you’re like me and have a wooden dash, clip the rings together around the dash. One of my carts is a little too big to reach all the way around, so I just tied the rings together around the dash with some bailing twine. And if these bags were already awesome enough, they come in many different colors and patterns to match your turnout!

If you would like to get in contact with Jaime about her Trekk-ETT Buggy Bags or any other saddle bags, you can find her via this contact info:

Jaime Reid Ruff 

Phone: (334) 518-0322

E-mail: Jaimeruff@ymail.com

The Production Room’s Facebook Page

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