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Testimonial: Finding the Perfect Breast Collar

Sometimes we have a pony come along that doesn’t seem to work well in a [...]

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Product Update: The Side Check

Our harness maker has made our side checks the same way for a long time. [...]

How To Measure For A Single Tree

Let’s try this again shall we?! How should I decide what size single tree I [...]


The Difference Between the Half Cheek and the Baucher

Two of our most popular mouth pieces for minis and ponies are the Arch Mouth [...]

Miniature Horse and Donkey Backpacks

Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So [...]


Roller Mouth Half Cheek Bit versus the Mullen Mouth Half Cheek

It seems like I have been answering a lot of bit related questions these last [...]