Miniature Horse and Donkey Backpacks

Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So we have decided to start helping out our fellow small business owners, and share some of your ingenious products and designs with all of our HorseDrivers!

A few years ago I went looking for a lightweight pack my ponies could wear when I took them hiking. I thought it made sense to have my ponies carry my water! Since I wasn’t riding them on the mountain trails, they may as well work a little bit. My hunt brought me to Kristi Rummel-King and the Round Barn Ridge.

She had already tackled the issue of needing something for her minis to wear when she was hiking! I was so excited to find these.

I’ve had horses since I was young girl. I also enjoyed backpacking and led horse pack trips in the Rocky Mountains. Eventually I became a WFA certified Sierra Club trip leader to take families on outdoor adventures.

I combined these passions and started taking people on “trail hikes” instead of trail rides with my Falabella Blend miniature horses. I couldn’t find a sporty, light backpack in the marketplace that fit my minis. After years of research, I decided to create my own. I worked with Amish craftsmen to combine several products and they created this custom equine backpack. I have taken many people on trail hikes, from adults that have ridden horses in the past to families with kids and teens. Everyone thought the packs were great and it made their experience more enjoyable.

I have sold these packs all over the world and EVERY single buyer has loved them. Not one complaint or return. Thank You for taking the time to here my story and look at my Round Barn Ridge Mini Backpacks. 🙂 Kristi

These backpacks are light, weighing only 3 pounds. There are two water bottle holders, one on each side, to ensure the pack is well balanced. (I will take a drink out of one water bottle and then a drink out of the other the next time in an effort to keep the pack balanced.)

From her Etsy page:

One bag has a solid pocket and the other side is mesh so you can see through it, with zippers for closures. Two insulated compartments to keep food items cold or warm, two water bottle holders, and straps for extra gear. There are two d-rings for driving your horse, attaching a poop bag/diaper or another pack. The pads are removable and can be hand washed with cold water and line dried. They have easy on/off snaps, adjustable straps, and a crupper for a snug fit. Pack even weight on both sides for nice balance. We can also customize the packs with special patches such as, “service horse/donkey”, therapy horse/donkey”, and your farm name, or logo.

If you would like to purchase one of these wonderful packs please head on over to Kirsti’s Etsy Page: (The words below are a link to her shop. Just click on them and you will head straight to her Etsy shop and can order from there! We will not be adding these to our website.)

Miniature Horse and Donkey Backpack

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