The Difference Between the Half Cheek and the Baucher

Two of our most popular mouth pieces for minis and ponies are the Arch Mouth and the Victory Mouth. I am often asked what the difference is between these two. I did write a blog about the actual mouthpieces and what differentiates the two. You can find that here:Arch Mouth Versus Victory Mouth

Why do our ponies like these bits?

Because our ponies often have large tongues and very small mouths, the single joint and even the double joint mouthpieces can be difficult to fit. Bowman has made this easier by offering us quite a few different diameters to choose from for our little equines, but the popularity of the single piece bit with the nice secure baucher cheek is something that can’t be ignored.


These two mouthpieces with the baucher cheek have proven to be very popular with the ponies themselves. Helping those that tend to gape their mouths open when the driver would lift the lines and offer some connection, helping those that chew and chew and chew their bits, and helping those that had anxiety about the bit. The bit itself offers some security because it has NO movement to it. Meaning the mouthpiece is one single piece and then it’s attached securely to the cheek and the cheeks don’t swivel.

How do I choose which cheek to use?

When asked what bit to use on a green horse or pony I will always suggest people use a mullen mouth or an arch mouth half cheek to start. The half cheek is going to allow the pony to hold the mouthpiece the way they want to. It allows the arch mouth to sit more like a victory mouth or more flat like a mullen mouth. I found this to be something that Zorro really likes. He moves that mouthpiece around a little bit when I put his bridle on and gets it just the way he wants it and then holds it that way for our drive.

This is the Arch mouth with the half cheeks.

The baucher cheek will be more secure, holding the mouthpiece for the pony or horse. Because of the way the bridle and the lines are attached to this cheek, the equine will not be able to adjust the way mouthpiece lays in their mouth. Some will prefer this, but if you have one that is still fussing with a baucher cheek then I suggest trying the half cheek arch mouth.

This is the Victory mouth piece with baucher cheeks.

Why is the Victory mouth not offered with the half cheek? Because the entire premise behind the Victory mouth is that the arch is tipped forward, toward the equine’s teeth. If you have a half cheek then you loose that forward tip. So in that case, just choose the arch mouth half cheek!

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