Product Update: The Side Check

Our harness maker has made our side checks the same way for a long time. But some customers have been calling because they were having trouble with it. It can be a bit long and if not used to help with a head set (for the show ring) but is being used as an anti grazing rein, then the old design can get caught on the end of the shafts. A total accident waiting to happen!!!

So I called the shop and asked them to re-design it with me – this is what we came up with.

The new side check is a little simpler than the old style. There is less to get hooked on the shaft ends.

**Side note: I highly suggest people train their pony to not eat when in harness. I understand that there are always exceptions! And a side check can be a safe thing to have when kids are driving. But do know, proper training will often get your pony much farther than using a piece of equipment. Off my soap box now! Mindy~

Here is a photo of the old style:

As you can see the old style had a large loop on the left hand side and THAT is what would often get caught on things. We still have a few of the old style that will be sent out with the Pleasure Harness, as most people simply remove it anyway. But if you need to use it, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for the newer option! I will be happy to request it for you.

The new side check will be available in mini/small pony and large pony only. If you are driving a horse or a draft horse then you will get the old style (if you choose the pleasure style bridle) or the over check option if you get the buggy style bridle.

The ComfyFit bridle DOES NOT come with any check. If you opt for one then you will get the new style and instead of conway buckles on the bit end you will have regular buckles.

I’m pretty excited about this new option! Hopefully it will work better for those of you that like to use a side check.

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