Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I was on Facebook the other day and read a question from someone who had bought a cart and harness for a previous horse, then, found out that horse didn’t like to drive. Now she would like to buy another horse that will fit the cart and harness.

Our long time friend and customer Sallie Wickens commented. Her comment was so perfect I asked if I could share it here. She said I could so I will step aside and let you read what she said:

As someone who bought the cart before the horse (or mini in my case) Here’s my 2 cents.

Driving safely and enjoyably with your new horse is the goal? Right?

  1. Find a reputable trainer you enjoy working with, explain your goals and desire and your interest in finding the right horse to work with.
  2. Stay with your trainer until he/she feels that you can drive comfortably and safe enough to work with your own horse.
  3. Don’t get married to your harness and cart – they are the last factor when looking for a good, safe driving companion. I’ve bought and sold carts that didn’t work out, harnesses too. With some luck and guidance you may be able to make the match between equipment and the right horse – but the right horse always come first.
  4. People that own fine driving horses/ponies are not going to give their horses away and might hesitate to let you test drive if you are a complete novice with no training background – which is why #1 is critical.

Take your time in all of the above and the right horse will find you ❤

I wish you great success in your journey. Driving my ponies has been a life changing experience for me and I greatly hope you’ll enjoy it too ?

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