Adding a Snap to Your Hold Back Straps

Though we offer hold back straps with a snap, it’s very easy to add a snap or quick release shackle to your existing hold back straps.

A hold back strap is the strap that connects the breeching body to the shafts. Your breeching is your breaks when driving an equine.

How to add a snap or quick release shackle:

1) Remove your hold back strap from the harness:

2) You will unbuckle one end of the hold back:

3) Then pull the end with the holes back through the keeper so the hold back is laying flat:

4) Thread the quick release shackle or snap onto the hold back strap:

5) Then tuck the end back into the keeper:

6) Now pull the end of the strap snug against the keeper and the buckle:


Below is what the hold back straps look like when they are on the cart shafts. When you use a snap like this you can leave the hold back straps on the cart shafts and don’t have to wrap them each time.

I wrote another blog about adding snaps to your hold backs here: Snaps for your Hold Back Straps. This is a good post talking about the safety aspect of adding snaps to your hold backs.

Here they are attached to the breeching body with the horse hitched:

The snaps shown in the photo above are the 2001 Stainless Steel snaps, which are a good size for the miniature horses and small ponies.

The Quick Release Shackles shown in the series of photos above can be found here: Quick Release Shackle

**Please note: when you use our style of quick release shackle you MUST use loctite or some kind of thread locker on the screw end of the shackle. Otherwise the screw WILL back out as you are driving and the shackle will fall off!!! Here is a blog showing how to do that: Quick Release Shackle Care

If you have any questions please email me at mindy@chimacumtack.com.

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