What Exactly Do the Sizes Mean on Our Size Charts?

We have been updating the website and adding size charts to most of the products that require measuring. This includes the halters, the bridles, the harnesses, the collars and many of the harness parts and pieces.

But what exactly do we mean when we say Mini A or Small Pony or Cob?

These descriptions are for REFERENCE ONLY!! That means you will still absolutely have to measure your equine to get a proper fit and to get the 100% fit guarantee. Don’t get too hung up on the name or size your equine falls under based on the measurements. These labels are for our harness shop and do not mean anything derogatory about your equine. It’s simply the best way to let them know what size strap they will be using to build your harness. They will still use all the measurements to put together a harness just for your equine.

Mini A – This means any mini horse, donkey or mule that is under 34″ tall at the last mane hair.

Mini B – This means any mini horse, donkey or mule that is over 34″ and as tall as 38″ at the last mane hair.

Mini C – This means any minis horse, donkey or mule that is 37-40″ tall. This size also works for the very stocky 34-38″ tall minis.

Small Pony – This means any pony, donkey or mule that is 40-44″ tall at the withers. This size is also typically the correct size for Shetland Ponies that measure bigger than the mini horse measurements.

Pony – This is the size for those in-betweener sized ponies. Too big for the small pony parts and too small for the horse size. This size is also a great one for those super stocky 44″ tall ponies. This size is for the 44-50″ pony. This will work for the taller more refined ponies as well.

Cob – This is the size that some Quarter Horses and many Arabs fit into. Many of the Welsh Cobs will also need this size. Now we will get out of the height measurements a bit and think more about the build. Cobs often have shorter, smaller faces, so the cob size bridles will fit this short face very nicely.

Horse – This is the standard horse size. Lots and lots of different breed horses and mules fall into this category. But remember, measuring is the BEST way to know if this is the correct size to choose when ordering a harness, a halter, a bridle or harness parts.

Large Horse – Lots of warmbloods fall into this category. Horses that are a mixture of a horse breed and a draft horse breed will often need this size.

Draft Horse – Self explanatory!!

Scroll down below the charts to read more….

We have a blog that talks about the strap widths for each size harness as well. You can find that here: What Size/Proportion Harness Do I Need for My Large Pony?

I’ll go over them briefly here as well. These are how wide the main straps of the harness and bridle will be. These are not the widths of the halter straps. You can go to the halter products to see how wide the “normal” straps are for the different sizes of equine. The driving lines also have a chart that show how wide the “normal” width of lines are for the different sized equine.

  • Mini, Small Pony, Shetland width straps will be 5/8″ wide.
  • Pony and Cob will be 3/4″ wide.
  • Horse and Draft will be 1″ wide.

Kirsty and I have spent the last 6 months going over the website and updating the descriptions, updating all the size charts and trying to put EVERYTHING we can think of in the descriptions to make your shopping easier. Of course if you have questions you can call us at 224-HARNESS or 224-427-6377 or email me at mindy@chimacumtack.com. But, before you reach out, please be sure you have taken the time to read the entire description. To do this you will need to scroll DOWN below the product photos. There are full descriptions under each product with links to blogs that have even more information and in some cases there are links to videos about the product. We know that the descriptions have been a bit confusing in the past but hopefully you will find them easier to read and understand now!


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