Cheeks… Open or Blinds?

All of our driving bridles have a few options you choose from when you place an order:

  • No Blinds
  • Round Blinds
  • Square Blinds
  • Pigeon Blinds

What does each of these mean?

No Blinds = Open Cheeks. This option means there will not be any blinders on the cheek pieces of your bridle. Some horses, minis, and donkeys prefer driving without blinders so we have this option for those equine.

Here is a wonderful article by Andy Marcoux at Coachman’s Delight about driving with or without blinders: Blinders or Not?

Round Blinds – These are the blinders that are on the ComfyFit bridle. They are large and round, as well as cupped, so they will never touch the equine’s eye lashes… providing your brow band is not too short!

Square Blinds – These are the blinders that usually come on the Pleasure style bridle, as well as the MaraFUN bridle. Our winker stay wires are long and actually WIRES so it’s super easy to adjust the blinders so they stand away from your equine’s eyes, never touching their eye lashes!

Pigeon Blinds – These are often on the farm/work style bridles. They are smaller blinders that tend to lay a little flatter to the side of the animals face, making it a nice choice for driving teams as there is less sticking out for the lines to get hung up on.

Hopefully this helps you make a choice when you are ordering your bridle! To see all the bridles we sell please head on over to the Bridle Page.

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