How to Measure Bridle Cheeks

Sometimes, the bridle cheeks you get with your bridle are too long. Sometimes, they are too short! If this is the case for your bridle, you will need to measure your cheeks and tells us how long you NEED them to be. Since we can’t see your horse and aren’t there to measure oursel

ves, we need you to do that for us.

Just how do you go about measuring for the needed cheek length?

You will put the bridle on your horse or pony.


Then adjust the bit as you would like your equine to carry it; no wrinkles, one wrinkle, two wrinkles, or three. If you don’t have a hole exactly where you want the bit to hang, simply put a wrap of electric tape there to hold the bit where you want it.

Then measure from the buckle (INCLUDING the buckle) down to the bit. This is how long you need your cheeks to be when buckled on the middle hole. This will give you one or two holes bigger and one or two holes smaller.

The Video:


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