Traces – Combo End or Slot End?

When you buy a ComfyFit Harness or the Pleasure Harness you have a choice in the drop down menu – Traces – Combo End or Slot End. What is the difference? Why would you choose one over the other?

Combo End

The combo end trace is just as the name suggests. It’s a combination of the slot end trace style and the ring end trace style. I highly suggest everyone choose this style of trace end because it will allow you to hitch to several different kinds of vehicles.

The ring will allow you to use a quick release shackle style attachment for different vehicles as well as dragging things like tires, logs and other drags with your traces. This makes it so you don’t need a separate set of traces for each thing you want to do. Ultimately this could save you money!

The Combo End trace does NOT add any extra length to the trace. So, for example, if you ordered 62″ long traces this style trace will be 62″ long from end to end, the exact same length as the trace with only the slots.

Slot End Traces


The slot end traces are exactly as their name suggests, there will be 3 slots at the cart end of the traces. They still have the holes up at the front of the traces to buckle into the breast collar.

If you have the slot end traces you will need a single tree that will allow you to slip the slot over the end or the hook, such as a sword style single tree or a hook style, shown below.

On the left: Sword end single tree; On the right: Hook end single tree

What if you have the slot end trace and need to use a quick release shackle?

You can purchase trace adapters for the slot end traces, if you end up needing to use a quick release shackle to attach your traces to your single tree.

This is how you would attach either the trace adapter (shown above) or the ring on the combo end traces, to a quick release shackle:

Here is a short video showing them in action:

Sizes Of Our Traces

We have buckle in traces for minis through draft horses. The in stock sizes are below. The draft horse traces are not kept in stock and are made-to-order.

  • Large Horse 84″   1 1/4″
  • Standard Horse 80″ 1 1/4″
  • Cob 76″   1 1/4″
  • Pony 64″ 1″
  • Shetland 62″ 1″
  • Mini C 57″  1″
  • Mini B 54″  1″
  • Mini A 49″  1″

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    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Yes we do! You can find those by typing “adapters” and “quick release shackles” into the search bar on the website. Once you put what you would like to order in your cart and enter in your shipping information your invoice will tell you how much the shipping will be to Canada.

      Thanks so much! Mindy~

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