The Farm/Work Harness

Just how do you put on a Farm/Work style harness?

The Farm/Work Style harness is connected to the hames. So you put the collar on the horse or pony, then put the hames on the collar and unroll the harness down the back of the horse or pony (or donkey or mule!).

You can not use this style of harness with a breast collar. It only works with the collar and hames.

The collar and hames need to be used when you are pulling something with a low line of draft; plowing, harrowing, dragging logs, pulling a heavy wagon with a low line of draft and in some cases, pulling a pioneer cart.

How is this harness different from the Pleasure Style harness?

The Farm/Work Harness does NOT have a saddle. So if you want to drive your horse as a single and pull a cart you will need to put a Permasoft Pad under the back strap and purchase the Single Cart Hook Up.

If you are going to purchase a Permasoft back pad for your back strap please measure your back strap so you know how long you need the pad to be. The lengths and widths of the pads are on the product, in the longer product description, so you can see what size is going to work best for your needs.

Blinders or Open Bridle?

The Farm/Work style harness comes with a bridle with blinders. You have a choice between pigeon blinders, rounded blinders or square blinders.


Pigeon Wing Blinders
Square blinders shown on the Pleasure Style Bridle
Round Blinders

You can request a bridle that has open cheeks, or no blinders. These are available but are made-to-order and not kept in stock.

NOTE: The Farm/Work style bridle comes with a half nose band. It does NOT go all the way around the equine’s nose. If you would like a bridle that has a regular nose band you can request the Pleasure style bridle. (this bridle is shown above on the donkey!)

The Farm/Work style bridle is sold separately from the harness as well. You can find that here -->Farm/Work Style Bridle ONLY

The collar does not come with this harness, so you will need to order it separately. You can not use this harness without the collar. You can see our collars over on the Collar Page.

The Euro Collar WILL NOT work with this style harness.

What do you get when you order this harness?

  • The Bridle (it does come with a single joint loose ring snaffle bit) with side check
  • The Driving Lines (if you order this harness as a Pair harness you will get pairs lines)
  • The hames with hames straps
  • The harness body connected to the hames
  • The traces connected to the hames (the traces have a chain end)
  • The breeching connected to the harness body
  • The girth
  • The Hold back straps with snaps
  • If you order this harness as a pairs harness you will get the breast strap with snaps to attach to the team pole
  • The trace carriers

This harness does NOT come with:

  • The collar
  • A crupper
  • A pad for the back strap

If you have any questions about this harness please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 224-HAR-NESS (224-427-6377) or email me at mindy@chimacumtack.com

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