Back to Black!

Supply chain and capacity challenges:

Our long-time artisan partners at Countryside Harness have been kept very busy all summer, even with our recent pause on custom orders. This coupled with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on global supply chains that so many businesses and industries are experiencing have led us to make some critical decisions. To ensure our familiar high-quality is maintained, and provide customers with the turn-around times you expect, we have worked together with Countryside to make some changes to our hand-made harness offerings. You may have noticed a few of these already on our website — It will take some time, but we will get everything updated over the coming weeks.

What is changing?

We are working to standardize selections to keep our most popular products in stock. Our hope is that by cutting down on custom orders, our shipping times will get faster. So, in short: We’re going back to Black!
For the time being, we will no longer be accepting orders for colored harness, including harness parts with colored piping. Although we won’t be doing colored harness for a while, we can help you add a pop to your tack turnout with colored pads. The same goes for brown lining: We will still offer a choice of leather or carefree lining on all harness, but going forward our harness parts and pieces will be lined in black. In keeping with this standardization, we are discontinuing brass hardware; going forward, everything will be offered in stainless steel.
The upside? You can choose a new pop of color any time! You will not be stuck with the same, say, Royal Blue Breast Collar – instead, you can be creative with new color pads every drive if you wish! And, if you need replacement parts, they’ll be in stock and ready to ship.

Standardizing to Improve Shipping times!

By keeping standard products in stock, when orders come in, the warehouse can easily pick it all together and box it right up! Our harness maker will be able to fulfill orders in a much timelier manner. Customer order wait times should be cut down significantly.
We understand that this change may be disappointing, but we are all looking forward to being able to fulfill orders faster, thereby keeping our standard of customer service high. We know that having to wait 3-4 months for each order is a strain on you; and, it’s a strain on us as well!
Thank you all so much for understanding as we all navigate these tricky waters.

2 thoughts on “Back to Black!

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Standard in stock black harness will take between 2-4 weeks. Mostly due to shipping times. The harness makers will be able to get the harness out within a few days providing all the parts are in stock! That’s the beauty of not doing custom orders 🙂

      Thanks so much for your question! Mindy~

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