Buying A Harness One Piece At A Time

Some of us can’t afford to purchase a new harness all at one time. (I’m raising my hand here!!) For those of us in that boat, we can purchase a new harness, one piece at a time!

This blog will walk you through each piece you need to end up with an entirely new harness.

(This is a Pleasure Style Harness with a breast collar. It’s not possible to purchase the Farm/Work style harness one piece at a time.)

The Bridle:

comfyfit bridle

We have several bridle options so I’ll link to the bridle page – Bridles.

Each bridle has something a little different about it so I encourage you to go to each one, click on the product, scroll down below the photo and read about them. Also take a moment to look through the photos.

The Buggy bridle has an over check, the ComfyFit bridle is well padded and very comfortable for the equine. The Pleasure bridle is a very simple, lightweight bridle option. The English bridle works great if your animal prefers an open bridle!

The Breast Collar:

Again, we have several options for the breast collar. I will like to the breast collar options here – Breast Collars.

The Deluxe breast collar is what the ComfyFit Harness is known for. The other option is the Standard Curve breast collar, this style fits many different types of equines well, including donkeys! These two breast collars will also need a Neck Strap. You will also need a false martingale.

The Traditional Straight style breast collar is another option. It is now a buckle in style breast collar and comes with a permasoft pad. It also comes with the single strap neck strap. This style breast collar does not use a martingale.

The SuperFlex and the Comfy Collars are both breast collar options as well! These are the Euro style collars, NOT meant to be used for a low line of draft. Hence the reason they are considered breast collars. You will need a martingale for this style breast collar!

The Saddle:

Next up is the saddle. We have a few options for this as well! You can find them all here – Saddles.

The ComfyFit saddle is our widest and longest saddle. It has lots of padding and offers spinal clearance. This comes in mini horse all the way to draft horse sizes. We also have a ComfyFit Treeless saddle option!

We also have the Pleasure saddle. This option comes in mini to large pony sizes and is a treeless, smaller, lighter saddle than the ComfyFit saddle. It’s still well padded and offers spinal clearance but is a smaller harness saddle than the ComfyFit saddle. You’ll want to be sure you get a Permasoft Back Pad for this saddle!

The Gig style saddle is a smaller, lighter saddle that comes in Horse size only.You’ll want to be sure you get a Permasoft Back Pad for this saddle!

The Girth:

We have a few different girth options. You can find them all here – Girths.

Our standard ComfyFit Girth is the old standby. It’s a straight style girth, well padded and comfy!

We also have a Comfy Curve Girth. This is a wonderful, wide girth with lots of padding. This girth will help keep the buckles out your equine’s elbows as well as spreading the pressure of the girth across a wider part of the sternum.

We have an Elastic Girth as well. This is a great option for when you are driving in marathons, moving fast and need the girth to stay where you put it! This girth is a bit narrower and is NOT padded.

Lastly, we have the Traditional Girth. This is NOT padded, is a single layer of brahma web, but does come with the over girth.

We no longer not make girths with the wrap strap style. Instead, they will all come with an over girth.

Any of these girths can have a D ring sewn on if you want to use a clip with your martingale.

The Turn Back Strap:

We have two options of turn back straps, the ComfyFit Turn Back Strap and the Pleasure Style Turn Back Strap w/ Hip Straps.

The ComfyFit Turn Back Strap does NOT come with hip straps, so you will need to purchase those, to hang your breeching from!

The Breeching:

We have two options of breeching, an unpadded Pleasure style breeching or the ComfyFit padded breeching. Both have uptugs with buckles on them.

If you are purchasing the Buggy harness breeching for a big horse then the turn back strap of the buggy harness has conway buckles. So that breeching will NOT have the uptugs.

The Hold Back Straps:

We have two types of hold back straps, the ComfyFit Hold backs and the Pleasure Harness Hold backs.

The ComfyFit Hold Back Straps have ComfyFit style buckles on them.

The Pleasure Style Hold Back Straps have roller style buckles on them.



The Crupper:

We have one option for the crupper – The Folded Crupper.

The Driving Lines:

We have several options of driving lines, Soft Strap, SuperGrip and English Web. For the minis and small ponies we also have Yacht Rope Driving Lines. You can find them all here – Driving Lines.

On each driving line product there is a chart that shows how wide and how long our regular mini, horse and draft horse driving lines are.

That’s all the parts and pieces that make up one of our harness sets. When you purchase an entire set you get ALL of the above pieces. If you purchase the trail harness you will also get a set of trace carriers.

Our bits can be found here – Bits.

When first starting out with your driving equine, you may not need all of the pieces of a harness if say you are only just starting to ground drive, or maybe even groundwork that doesn’t involve driving just yet. This is were building a harness over time could really be beneficial to you! You can start out with just a saddle and girth, and add in more pieces as time goes on and your equine becomes more ready for them, leading up to hitching to your cart. This will help you get started with what you need today while you save up for what you might not need until a few months from now and still be able to afford the harness of your dreams.

If you read through this and have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at mindy@chimacumtack.com.


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