Safety Check – Halter Cheek Snaps

Sometimes halters will have a snap on the cheek. This makes putting the halter on and taking it off really easy. On our halter products this is called a Throat Snap.

Our halters have these throat snaps so the opening faces the horse, pony, donkey or mules cheek but some halters with throat snaps have these snaps so the opening faces away from the horse, pony, donkey or mule. This poses a safety issue as that snap can more easily attach to fences, other horse’s halters, gates, etc.

So if you have a halter with a throat snap make sure the snap opening is facing TOWARDS your animals cheek and not away!

4 thoughts on “Safety Check – Halter Cheek Snaps

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Actually no. Halter snaps are smooth and flat. They can’t open when facing the horse’s cheek. The snaps can not open and can not pierce them. Facing away they can open onto fencing and snag their heads, causing them to panic, pull and sometimes really really hurt themselves.


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