Breakaway Halter Attachments – Mini Size and Horse Size

We have come out with a slightly different Halter Breakaway Attachment for the minis and small ponies so a blog is in order!

The Difference:

The horse sized Halter Breakaway is 1″ wide and has two screws to attach it to the halter.

The mini/small pony Halter Breakaway is 5/8″ wide and has ONE screw to attach it to the halter, making it a little lighter and easier for them to break!

How To Attach It To The Halter:

  1. First you’ll need to cut the piece off the halter that you are replacing with the breakaway attachment.

2. Next you’ll thread the breakaway attachment through the buckle.

3. Then you’ll loop it around the ring on the halter cheek.

4. Lastly, you’ll put the screw on to hold it all together!


Here is a video showing how to do this:

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