The 2021 HorseDriver Gift Guide!

There’s something special about the magic of the holidays – those warm feelings of giving and receiving that bring families and friends together in community. And we know that shopping for the HorseDriver in your life can sometimes be hard. Lets face it, us horse and donkey harness collectors can’t get enough equipment to fill our tack rooms with which doesn’t leave our loved ones many options for gifting! But don’t worry, we’ve put together this HorseDriver 2021 Gift Guide to help you shop for your barn buddy, best friend, spouse, or trainer.

And the best part? All of the items in our gift guide are 10% off for the month of December. Just use discount code giving21 during checkout. So, lets get to it!


Harness Hanger

These handy harness hangers are so simple they are genius! Simply snap your driving harness into the separate loops and then hang on a hook in your tack shed. A fun and easy way to organize your horse or donkey harness. Available in 8 different colors! Makes color coordinating your horses harness sets a breeze.



Leather/Synthetic Harness Hole Punch

This is our favorite hole punch for harness work. It’s the same punch used in our harness shop and works amazingly well. It is a strong imported handle with USA made punches. Easily punches through our soft strap, Brahma Web and even the BioPlastic with a squeeze of the handle. Standard punch comes with a 5/32″ punch which will work for all your harness needs. The shop has been using the same punches for years and they are still sharp and going strong! Any HorseDriver knows how frustrating it is to try and add a new hole with a dull punch! These make great stocking stuffers for anyone who collects lots of harness.



Cheater Straps

Cheater Straps are used to replace tug loops when combining two single harnesses into pair harness. Can also be used to extend your girth for the winter “fluffies.” Stocked in 1″ Horse sizes and 3/4″ Mini or Small Pony sizes.





Equine Fusion Boots

Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes Active Model and the Equine Fusion Shoes Trekking Model are two of our favorite trail boots! As the orders come in we will make a list and then place the boot order at the end of the month. So these WILL NOT get here in time for Christmas – but they will make Christmas last a little longer by arriving after!!


Triple A Lead Neck Rope

Who doesn’t dream of having a lead rope collection – one in each color! These neck lead ropes snap around the horse or pony’s neck and then snap to the halter. This is a wonderful back up for those animals that are tricky and can get their halters off or for keeping the lead rope away from their hooves when they are grazing on line!

These braided polyester ropes are very, very soft in the hand. 1/2″ diameter x 8 feet long (the lead rope part is 8′, with the neck rope it’s about 9′ long total) – comes with stainless steel bolt snaps and rings.


Nylon Halters

That lead rope collection obviously needs matching halters in every color! Our Nylon Halters are American made with lovely soft nylon. They come in many colors and fit from mini to draft horses, and of course donkeys, too! These sale halters apply to ONLY WHAT IS IN STOCK! No special orders. In stock halters have throat snaps but NO ADJUSTABLE CHINS.



Driving Lines

Who doesn’t love a shiny new pair of driving lines? All of our driving lines, that is the SuperGrip, Soft Strap or English web lines, are on sale for the month of December! Not only that but we are doing COLORED driving lines this month! ONLY the colors offered on our website, but we are so excited to be able to do this!


HandsOn Grooming Gloves

A must have in every horse owner or drivers tack trunk! These grooming gloves have little nodules on the palm and fingers that horses and even dogs loves to be brushed with. Their uses are endless, great for currying out mud, fluffing up wet ponies, and even scrubbing in the suds during bath time. The HandsOn Gloves allow you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products.


ComfyFit Elastic Girth

The ComfyFit Elastic Girth  a strong stretchy elastic belly bands, available in all sizes! That includes miniature horse (miniature donkey and miniature mule) through draft horse (mammoth donkey and draft mule)! These girths will keep your driving horse or donkey nice and comfy.




And there you have it! Our 2021 HorseDriver Holiday Gift Guide for the horse owner or driver in your life! Don’t forget – ALL of the items in this guide are 10% off for the month of December when you use discount code giving21 during checkout. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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