How to Adjust a Side Check Rein

Adjusting the Side Check Rein on your Driving Harness

The video below will show you have to put a side check on your miniature horse, pony, mule, donkey, horse or draft horse. The way this is attached is the same for all sizes of equine.

If you are using this as an anti-grazing rein PLEASE be sure it is snug enough that it can not loop down and get caught on the end of your shafts when driving.

We have redesigned the side check rein. Our new soft strap one is made similar to the corded side check:

This is the old style. It had a large loop and was difficult to get snug enough that it could NOT loop down and snag on a shaft end.
This is the new style. It’s much neater and easier to adjust.
The new side check shown without a bridle.

You will attach and adjust the newer style side check in the same way you would attach and adjust the older style.

A big THANK YOU to Amie Howard and Lynda Harris for making this video for us. And of course thank you to Bandit for being the super model.

2 thoughts on “How to Adjust a Side Check Rein

  1. MaeMarie Alarid says:

    Where to get the stackable stands/platforms that Bandit is standing on? Or did you make them? Thank you much,
    MaeMarie Alarid

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