How to Cover a Small Driving Cart

Storing Your Driving Cart

Storing carts can seem like a daunting task… how do I keep my cart covered and protected but still easily accessible? Here are some ideas from our wonderful customers!

Cover Your Driving Cart with a Weighted Blanket

“IT WORKED!! A 15lb weighted blanket did the job. The north side overhang is where the carts I regularly use have to live. Between the arena and the wind there is always a layer of dust. The car covers blow away, my fitted covers are nice but time consuming and a hassle. We had some pretty high winds the last 24 hours and it didn’t budge.

I am ordering 4 more! The one pictured is 60” x 80” and I got it on Amazon for $29.”
“One week and an Oklahoma winter storm later, the weighted blankets are still in place. It is nice not to tie anything down or use bungee cords, I just toss them off and on. The weight of the blanket draping over the dash and seat hold it in place. It could be heavy and awkward if you’re on the shorter side(I’m a tall strapping gal, so they weren’t bad😜)
One note, the way I store my carts with the shafts tied up makes them light in the front end. The first time I threw the blanket on the seat it almost flipped the cart upright, now I cover the dash first or put it on while the cart is still hitched.”
Thank you for that wonderful tip Johnson Performance Horses!

Cover your Small CArt with a Motorcycle Cover

I use a motorcycle cover for mine. Easy to put on and take off and inexpensive. Walmart purchase.” – Al Senzamici

How do you store your small driving carts? We’d love to hear all about it!

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