Breakaway Halter Attachment Breaking Away!

The other day I was out for a lovely spring walk with my ponies. The sun was shining, there was a bit of a breeze and the birds were singing. It was a beautiful day!

On the way home something rather surprising happened. Zorro’s breakaway on his halter, broke away! It turns out we lost the chicago screw somewhere along our walk. Oops!

Lesson learned = A little thread locker on the screw will ensure this doesn’t happen to YOU on your walk! LOL!


2 thoughts on “Breakaway Halter Attachment Breaking Away!

  1. Barbara Jensen says:

    I only wish I had thought of you dear folks sooner! I am 82 years and am in “fragile” health. Finally after 3 years I am getting my donkey, Jeb, ready for our cart. It has never been used, after buying the harness in 2019. Then I lost a piece of it, and called anyone, and everyone for help. It was only a phone call away. I am waiting for the part, and away we will go. Thank you 100 times over.

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