Spring Cleaning!

I know that many of you have been experiencing spring for an entire month now… but here in Montana spring finally sprung last weekend! I grabbed this opportunity to body clip my two ponies, Zorro and Oliver.

A few days before the warm up I spent and hour and a half brushing them, getting off CLOUDS of hair, and dirt, and dander. They looked pretty good, I must say, but they were in no way clean. Due to my extreme allergies I decided to go ahead and body clip them.

They were so incredibly dirty under all that hair! Both have come out of winter in very good shape. Zorro has a little more weight than is his ideal, but that will come off in no time as we ramp up our driving hours. He is a six year old, 40″ tall, Shetland pony.

Left: Before clipping, Right: After clipping.

Oliver looks wonderful. You can just see his ribs and his weight is just about perfect. It’s difficult to tell in this after photo because his white is so blinding! Oliver is a two year old, 38″ tall, Shetland Pony.

Left: Before clipping, Right: After clipping

Both were so grateful to be clean and shiny and NOT itchy!

What kind of grooming do you do in the spring? Clip? Just brush? Bathe and blow out? There are so many ways we can prepare for our summer driving!

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