Keeping Your Long Lines Tidy

Anyone who works with long lines knows how easily, and frustrating, it is to get tangled up in them!! So, here is a little tip on how to keep that from happening.

Use your Yacht Rope Buckle Adapters to hold each line together in a neat little bundle!

This works well for any set of long lines – including the Yacht Rope Long Lines, Yacht Rope Long Lines for Minis/Ponies, and Yacht Rope Driving Lines for Minis/Ponies.

If you’re like me, and travel around with your long lines from barn to barn, this is an absolute life saver! It helps keep my long lines from getting tangled, and having to spend the extra couple of minutes untangling them. I can throw them in my bag or truck and not have to worry!

If you have the thicker diameter long lines, you may need to buckle each long line separately (pictured to the left). If you’re using the thinner diameter long lines or driving lines, you can easily buckle both lines in one buckle adapter!

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