Which hames go with which collar?

With all the collar and hame options on the website I understand that it can be confusing to know, which hames go with which collars?

So, I thought I would do a quick little overview here!

Buggy Hames:

These hames are the smaller, lighter hames. They are often a half round (for the minis and small ponies) and usually they don’t have the hame tops. Though you can get a set with those:

This style hame works with the Buggy Collar as well as the All Purpose Collar. When ordering the hames to fit your collar, order ONE size larger than the collar you have. For example; if you order a 20″ collar then you’ll need the hames to be 21″.

The All Purpose collar is a little wider than the Buggy Collar, from front to back. This can be helpful if your equine is pulling a lightweight harrow or sled instead of a cart with a low line of draft. If you are having your animal drag heavy harrows or farm equipment I would suggest the field or work collars shown below.

Farm/Work STyle Hames:

black farm hames

These are the hames that are heavier, often full round instead of half round and they always have the hame tops with the balls. A few of this style hame are shown below:

The collars these hames will work with are the Field Collars, the Work Collars and the All Purpose Collars. When ordering hames for a farm/work style collar order the hames TWO sizes bigger than the collar. For example; if you order a 20″ collar then your hames need to be 22″.

If you need help figuring out exactly what you need please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at mindy@chimacumtack.com or call us at 224-HAR-NESS.

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