Adjusting a Teeny Tiny ComfyFit Bridle

One of the things we are known for here at Chimacum Tack, is working together with our customers to fit harness for those oh so very hard to fit equines. Recently, one of our customers was having a hard time getting her miniature horse’s ComfyFit Driving Bridle bridle to fit just right.

This teeny tiny mare has such a small head that we simply could not make her bridle any smaller and still have the molded crown and the blinders. So to solve that Heike came up with this!

You know the fleecy Velcroed tubing that you can get for halters? We just added it to the crown piece. It gave it just enough lift to make things fit and it is probably super comfy for Thunder. Either way, it works great and we have a happy driving horse again. Thought I would share, just in case someone else is having the same problem. It doesn’t look all that great, but the horse is happy and in the end, that’s all┬áthat matters.” – Heike Bartlett

We thought this was so smart, we asked Heike if we could share it on the HorseDriver blog! What a great idea Heike – thank you!

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