What Happens After you Place your Order on Our Website?

You’ve waded through all the products on our site, read all the descriptions, finally put everything in your cart and hit pay! Now what happens?

First, the orders come to our back office of the website. Either Amie or myself, Mindy, looks them over. We make sure the measurements are all there, that the order makes sense – sometimes a random mess of things will be in the cart, we can deduce what is trying to be done, and we know these parts won’t work. So, we will call the customer to discuss what may work better.

If there are any notes in the note box with questions then we will reach out to the customer before processing the order. So, if you want to talk to someone before your order is sent off to the harness maker, please, write a note in the note box!

After we have made sure everything is correct with the order then either Amie or myself will send the order off to the appropriate supplier.

We have to type each order individually and for some, call them in over the phone, carefully spelling each and every word – M-i-n-d (as in dog)-y S (as in Sam)-c(as in cat)-h-r-o-d (as in dog)-e (as in Edward)-r and so on and so on for the entire name and address. 

We have about 10 different suppliers that we use to fulfill orders. This is why, sometimes, you will receive several different boxes for one order.

When you receive an email/invoice that is marked Completed, this means one of us has checked your order, typed up the email and sent the order off to the proper supplier. This does NOT mean your order has been shipped. Also, please note: we will ALWAYS type a note on the invoice once it’s been completed. This note will let you know if you should expect more than one package for your order. This invoice will be emailed to you. We do not do printed invoices.

Chimacum Tack does not have a store front, nor do we have a warehouse to store products. Though we keep a very small amount of things on hand, not one of us has the storage to keep everything we sell on the website on hand. Our suppliers DO have the warehouses and room to store product.

Also, by having them ship your orders directly to you, we save you on the shipping charges as well as TIME! Nothing has to come to us and then be shipped to you- except the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes. 

So, don’t be alarmed when you learn you order is being shipped to you DIRECTLY from the harness maker or the collar maker or the blacksmith. In fact, this means you will receive your order even faster than if we had to have it shipped to us and then shipped to you.

How to Check on Your Order’s Status

If you need to check on your order please provide an invoice # or the name you placed your order under. Very often we have customers place orders under different names than they call with. This makes it very difficult for me to find the order. So if you order with an alias name (and yes people do) then please give me THAT name so I can look up your order!

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