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What is the Best Driving Harness for a Miniature Horse?

More and more people are becoming more serious about getting the perfect fit for their [...]

Why I Drive: from Annie Childress

Every HorseDriver has a story. We all come from different backgrounds, different lifestyles, and many [...]

Adjusting a Teeny Tiny ComfyFit Bridle

One of the things we are known for here at Chimacum Tack, is working together [...]

Keeping Your Long Lines Tidy

Anyone who works with long lines knows how easily, and frustrating, it is to get [...]

An Introduction to Therapeutic Carriage Driving

Therapeutic Carriage Driving By Amanda Bubb As horse lovers, we all know the power of [...]

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The 2021 HorseDriver Gift Guide!

There’s something special about the magic of the holidays – those warm feelings of giving [...]

Donkathon: Donkeys Raising Research Funds for The Multiple Sclerosis Society

This summer, our dear friend and long time customer, Polly Vacher, set out with her [...]

Getting Into the Sport of Driving from Rae Lombino

The Wonderful World of Driving Horses It is really nice to see new drivers entering [...]

How to Create a Wishlist on Our Website

Did you know that you can save your favorite products on our website to a [...]

Welcome Amie!

Meet our newest Team Member: Amie Howard! Join us in welcoming Amie to the team! We are [...]

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When and Why Does My Horse Need to Be Seen By a Dentist?

Establishing a good relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable equine dentist, whether it is your [...]

Buggy Bags

Some of our customers and friends have such talent at crafting new horsey products! So [...]


Using HandsOn Grooming Gloves to Knock the Mud Off Your Horses Legs

My HandsOn Grooming Gloves are really just one of the most versatile grooming products in [...]

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The Story of Pippin and his Whiteman Harness

One of the best parts about all of our jobs here at Chimacum Tack, is [...]

Tuesday Tip – Fluffing up Wet Ponies

It is rain and mud season here in Southeastern Pennsylvania! Which means keeping my ponies [...]

Is That a Goat Pulling Your Carriage?!

Driving companions come in all shapes, sizes.. and even species! Our friend Nan Hassey from [...]


How to Clean Your Horse Bit

One piece of equipment that seems to often be forgotten to keep clean and shiny [...]

Tuesday Tip – Bathing Made Easier!

Some horses grow such thick coats that it can be difficult to really scrub all [...]

Tuesday Tip – What to do with Extra Strapping

Sometimes we are left with a very long piece of extra strap when fitting our [...]

Advice from a Commercial Carriage Driver

An experienced HorseDriver knows that not all equines are the same, and neither is the [...]