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The Unicorn Hitch

Some people get bored driving just one pony, or two ponies and think driving THREE [...]

What, exactly, is a Trace Swivel?

The Trace Swivel Upgrade is for the Standard Curve Breast Collar ONLY.

Does the Cart Fit my Equine?

I see so many different minis, ponies, horses, donkeys, mules and draft horses hitched and [...]


I’ve had a wreck while driving. Now What?

I get this question all the time, “What can I do to help my pony [...]

30th Anniversary!!

We are proud and happy to announce 2022 is the year Chimacum Tack has been [...]

Spring Cleaning!

I know that many of you have been experiencing spring for an entire month now… [...]

Breakaway Halter Attachment Breaking Away!

The other day I was out for a lovely spring walk with my ponies. The [...]


Which Style of Equine Boots/Shoes Works Best for Founder Rehab?

How can Boots or Shoes Help My Foundering Equine? Founder is such a scary word. [...]


How To Attach Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps

How to Attach Quick Hitch Hold Back Straps to the Shafts of your Driving Vehicle [...]

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How to Adjust a Side Check Rein

Adjusting the Side Check Rein on your Driving Harness The video below will show you [...]


ComfyFit Treed Saddle versus the Treeless Saddle

Driving Harness Saddles – Treed vs. Treeless DISCLAIMER: This blog is about the ComfyFit Treed [...]