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Getting Into the Sport of Driving from Rae Lombino

The Wonderful World of Driving Horses It is really nice to see new drivers entering [...]

Tuesday Tip – Navigating Relationships

Relationships are central to our lives as social beings. Our horses are also social beings, [...]

Is That a Goat Pulling Your Carriage?!

Driving companions come in all shapes, sizes.. and even species! Our friend Nan Hassey from [...]


Vehicle Maintenance from Frey Carriage Company

I would like to thank Mr. Todd Frey of Frey Carriage Company, for sharing some [...]


Standing is a State of Mind

Standing is a State of Mind Training tips from Joanna Wilburn For a horse/pony to [...]


Have you ever driven a VSE? Part Three

Part Three! Written and shared by Al Bulgawicz. Thank you Al! Mindy~ How does it [...]

Have you ever driven a VSE? Part Two

Part Two! Again a big thank you to Al Bulgawicz for sharing this information with [...]

Have You Ever Driven A VSE?

Thank you to Al Bulgawicz  for sharing this article he wrote with us here at [...]

How Jogging Shoes promote Hoof Health – by EquineFusion

A cross-post about the importance of a good boot, from EqFusion.com: Chimacum Tack and HorseDriver [...]


Becoming an Advanced Level Combined Driving Pony

Alamo’s Ruby Red is an amazing little pony. She is special for more than one [...]

Dividing and Multiples

Dividing and Multiples: A Post on Harness Conversion from Nana Janie Convert Single Harness to [...]


Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness

Fitting Tips: Pleasure Harness, by Janie Amdal The second most common and important question I’m [...]

Mini Encounters – Trained Mini Therapy Horses

Community Outreach: Therapy minis making a difference in North Texas Mini Encounters, located north of [...]


Working with Raven

From Stephen McEvoy, to Janie Back in 2005, we sold a work harness to a [...]

All about the Cart: Driving Adventures with Bridget Simon of Clyde, Alberta, Canada

By Bridget Simon Hello, Team Radar here of Clyde, Alberta Canada!  I’m Bridget Simon. Let [...]


All about Abby: a rescue horse

by Janis Charbeneau A rescue horse story: Abby is the smallest horse living on a [...]

What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini?

What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini? An opinion by Pat Weeks Breast collars [...]